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Inversion Boundaries In Zinc Oxide · Twins in Minerals · Analytical Electron Microscopy · Other



Inversion Boundaries in Zinc Oxide

Nina DANEU · Aleksander REČNIK · Slavko BERNIK · Drago KOLAR

Microstructural development in SnO2-doped ZnO-Bi2O3 ceramics

J Am Ceram Soc · 2000 · 83 · 3165-3171


first description of IB-induced grain growth in ZnO · phase equilibrium in the ZnO-SnO2-Bi2O3 system (spinel and pyrochlore phases) ·
crystallography of IBs in
SnO2-doped ZnO · relationship between the ZnO structure and orientation of etch pits

Aleksander REČNIK · Nina DANEU · Thomas WALTHER · Werner MADER

Structure and chemistry of basal-plane inversion boundaries in antimony oxide-doped zinc oxide

J Am Ceram Soc · 2001 · 84 · 2657-2668


microdiffraction method for absolute polarity of ZnO · first description of the concentric electron probe (CEP) method for chemical composition of interfaces (IBs) · HRTEM with simulations for crystallography · 3D model of the inversion boundary structure

Slavko BERNIK · Nina DANEU

Characteristics of SnO2-doped ZnO-based varistor ceramics

J Eur Ceram Soc · 2001 · 21 · 1879-1882


systematic substitution of Sb2O3 with SnO2 in typical varistor compositions · SnO2 increases donor density and leakage current

Nina DANEU · Aleksander REČNIK · Slavko BERNIK

Grain growth control in Sb2O3-doped ZnO

J Am Ceram Soc · 2003 · 86 · 1379-1384


diffusion doping of ZnO with Sb2O3 · additions of < 30 ppm of Sb give microstructures with larger average grain size then in pure ZnO

Slavko BERNIK · Nina DANEU · Aleksander REČNIK

Inversion boundary induced grain growth in TiO2 or Sb2O3 doped ZnO-based varistor ceramics

J Eur Ceram Soc · 2004 · 24 · 3703-3708


TiO2 and Sb2O3 both trigger the formation of IBs in ZnO grains, but they have different influence on ZnO grain growth.
In this paper it is described, why such a difference between both dopants.

Slavko BERNIK · Janez BERNARD · Nina DANEU · Aleksander REČNIK

Microstructure development in low-antimony oxide-doped zinc oxide ceramics

J Am Ceram Soc · 2007 · 90 · 3239-3247


the effect of low additions of Sb (< 500 ppm) to ZnO · densification studies · grain growth kinetics analyses ·
separated analysis of ZnO grains with and without IBs

Aleksander REČNIK · Slavko BERNIK · Nina DANEU

Nucleation and growth of basal-plane inversion boundaries in ZnO

J Eur Ceram Soc · 2007 · 24 · 3703-3708


sintering of ZnO single crystals in ZnO powder doped with Sb2O3, SnO2 and In2O3 · mechanisms of IB nucleation with
3+, 4+ and 5+ dopants are described

Slavko BERNIK · Nina DANEU

Characteristics of ZnO-based varistor ceramics doped with Al2O3

J Eur Ceram Soc · 2007 · 27 · 3161-3170


the effect of small additions of Al to the electrical properties of ZnO-based varistor ceramics

Daneu NINA · Aleksander REČNIK · Slavko BERNIK

Grain-growth phenomena in ZnO ceramics in the presence of inversion boundaries

J Am Ceram Soc · in press

separate grain growth kinetic study in the early and late stages of ZnO grain growth · four stages of microstructure development
in ZnO under the influence of IBs are described



Twins in Minerals

Nina DANEU · Herbert SCHMID · Aleksander REČNIK · Werner MADER

Atomic structure and formation mechanism of (301) rutile twins from Diamantina (Brazil)    

Am Mineralogist · 2007 · 92 · 1789-1799


(301) twins in rutile form as overgrowths of rutile in twinned orientation on tivanite precursor · transformation of tivanite into
ilmenite occurs in the subsequent dehydration process

Nina DANEU · Aleksander REČNIK · Takashi YAMAZAKI · Tadej DOLENEC

Structure and chemistry of (111) twin boundaries in MgAl2O4 spinel crystals from Mogok.

Phys Chem Miner · 2007 · 34 · 233-247


(111) twins in spinels represent a preparatory stage of the polytipic phase taaffeite formation · the incorporation of
Be into the {111} planes of the spinel structure is thermodynamically favorable in the twin nucleation stage



Analytical Electron Microscopy

Thomas WALTHER · Nina DANEU · Aleksander REČNIK

A new method to measure small amounts of solute atoms on planar defects and application to inversion domain boundaries in doped zinc oxide

Interface Sci · 2004 · 12 · 267-275


CEP method in EDS mode · analysis of IBs in Sb- and Sn-doped ZnO · comparison of experimental measurements with theoretical calculations

Thomas WALTHER · Aleksander REČNIK · Nina DANEU

A novel method of analytical transmission electron microscopy for measuring highly accurately segregation to special grain boundaries or planar interfaces

Microchim Acta (1966) · 2006 · 155 · 313-318


CEP method applied to IBs in Fe-doped ZnO






Nataša NOVAK TUŠAR · Nataša ZABUKOVEC LOGAR · Gilberto VLAIC · Iztok ARČON · Denis ARČON · Nina DANEU · Venčeslav KAUČIČ

Local environment of manganese incorporated in mesoporous MCM-41

Micropor Mesopor Mat · 2005 · 82 · 129-136


analysis of the Mn oxidation state in the MnMCM-41 synthesized by direct hydrothermal method

Matjaž MAZAJ · Wesley JJ STEVENS · Nataša ZABUKOVEC LOGAR · Alenka RISTIĆ · Nataša NOVAK TUŠAR · Iztok ARČON · Nina DANEU · Vera MEYNEN · Pegie COOL · Etienne V VANSANT · Venčeslav KAUČIČ

Synthesis and structural investigations on aluminium-free Ti-Beta/SBA-15 composite

Micropor Mesopor Mat · 2009 · 117 · 458-465

description of a new plugged hexagonal templated silica (PHTS) type material, in which aluminium-free Ti-Beta zeolite nanoparticles
were deposited inside the mesopore channels of SBA-15 using post-synthesis dry impregnation method


Jui CHAKRABORTY · Matjaž MAZAJ · Renu KAPOOR · Pavana S GOURI · Nina DANEU · Mithlesh K SINHA · Gopal PANDE · Debabrata BASU

Bone-like growth of hydroxyapatite in the biomimetic coating of Ti-6Al-4V alloy pretreated with protein at 25°C

J Mater Res · 2009 · 24 · 2145-2153



description of mechanism of the formation of branched fibers of HAp  on 6Ti4AlV substrate after pretreatment of the metal
surface with Bovine Serum Albumin globular protein

Nataša DRNOVŠEK · Nina DANEU · Aleksander REČNIK · Matjaž MAZAJ · Janez KOVAČ · Saša NOVAK Hydrothermal synthesis of a nanocrystalline anatase layer on Ti6Al4V implants

Surf Coat Technol · 2009 · 203 · 1462-1468

description of a simple, efficient and cheap method for the formation of anatase layer on 6Ti4AlV substrates for biomedical applications

Mechanochemical Synthesis of Nanomaterials

Marcela ACHIMOVIČOVÁ · Nina DANEU · Aleksander REČNIK · Juraj ĎURIŠIN · Peter BALÁŽ · Martin FABIÁN · Jaroslav KOVÁČ · Alexander ŠATKA

Characterization of mechanochemically synthesized lead selenide

Chem zvesti · 2009 · 63 · 562-567



HRTEM analysis of nano PbSe synthesized by mechanochemical route

















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